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Registering Foreign Business in Thailand

Foreign businessmen are welcome in Thailand. In reality, the Thai authorities is constantly encouraging overseas investment within the country through presenting a few incentives to people who qualify to function a business in Thailand under particular terms.

For lots foreigners who’ve no background in Thailand laws and regulations, they need to do some research at the available business registration alternatives in order to fully understand what a selected organization type entails in terms of registration, benefits, and so on. The best thing is to seek advice from business legal professionals based in Thailand so all the details can be explained in full. without the background knowledge, it will likely be normal to pay attention foreigners say that overseas business registration in Thailand is seemingly hard. The overseas company will have to be registered with the department of business development in Thailand.

But, with the proper guidance and recommendation, a foreign investor can effectively sign up a company consistent with the sort of company favored or suitable for the business. There are four types of groups a foreign investor can pick out from:

Thai Limited Company

this is the most famous form of Thai company preferred by using many foreign businessmen. on this type, the legal responsibility of the investor is limited to the amount of unpaid shares subscribed by them. This type calls for at the least three promoters who will file a memorandum of association, convene a statutory meeting and sign in a corporation. After registering the company, a tax identification card may be obtained by means of application.

Sole Proprietorship’s

No longer generally recommended for foreign investors, sole proprietorship gets the only proprietor exposed to unlimited legal responsibility of the business.


Much like sole proprietorship’s, a partnership isn’t generally endorsed to foreign businessmen because of the liability exposure, identical as in sole proprietorships.

Branch office

Foreign investors may additionally opt to operate their existing foreign corporation in Thailand as a branch office. another option is to set up a representative office, but this kind does no longer allow the consultant workplace to earn income in Thailand.

The Thailand foreign business Act BE2542 (1999) stipulates the conditions to be satisfied through the foreign investor with a view to be capable of register a organization and operate a business in Thailand. Provisions of the Thailand foreign business Act spell out the standards to meet to qualify as a foreigner, the kind of business allowed by using the Thai law to be operated by foreign traders, and so on. and they definitely outline what sort of business are disallowed for foreign groups to engage in.

Coordinating with Thai attorneys or maybe foreign attorneys who’ve been practicing in Thailand and is nicely-versed with Thai regulation and its language will help foreign businessmen ease up the procedure of business registration. searching out certified lawyers in Thailand is straightforward as long as the investor recognize the prerequisites of business registration and the qualifications of the legal professional or law company in order to assist their organisation.

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