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In the dynamic landscape of the legal profession, maintaining confidentiality is paramount. In Phuket, a vibrant international hub, businesses and individuals seek legal counsel to protect their interests. As a leading Phuket international law firm, we understand the...
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One of the most effective ways of holding negligent parties accountable is by filing a Class-Action Lawsuit. It involves a large number of people however, may take a little more time. So why is it preferred? – Simple,...
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First things first, what is a prenuptial agreement? Also known as an ante-nuptial agreement or premarital agreement, a prenup is a written contract entered by two individuals prior to marriage or a civil union. This enables them to...
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Buying a business is quite risky, especially if you don’t take precautionary measures. Why so? Let’s put this into perspective; when you buy a tangible asset such as a car or one of the beautiful pieces of real...
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Intellectual property laws are very crucial for businessmen. if you are looking to create an organization within the kingdom of Thailand, then it pays to read about Thailand’s intellectual property laws and guidelines. It’s a very complicated topic,...
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