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Kinds of Divorce in Thailand

Depending on where you are located, divorce may be an normal discussion or it could be an uncomfortable situation for discussion. In Thailand, divorce is legally common even though it is an uncomfortable situation. depending at the situations surrounding the petition for divorce, the dissolution of marriage complaints in Thailand may be faster as compared to other nations where divorce proceedings can take out years before a decision is granted. A lot of it has something to do with the understanding of the legal team engaged to address the divorce petition. The process is different from Thai couples and foreign couples or a mix of one Thai and a foreigner.

There are several types of divorce in Thailand:

Uncontested Divorce

This form of divorce is the recommended divorce because it is easy and does no longer require any courtroom intervention. each parties to the marriage are in agreement in finishing the marital union. each parties need to be physically present when they apply for uncontested divorce before the local register.

Contested Divorce

This type of divorce offers one side to the marriage to seeks the court’s assistance in dissolving the marriage situation to the existence of one of the grounds prescribed beneath Thai law. This is a usual an choice taken if one of the spouses does no longer agree to the dissolution of the marriage. The requesting partner, in essence has to prove that the opposite spouse has dedicated one of the grounds for serving divorce. some of the grounds include adultery, if there are disagreements at the custody of children and marital property sharing, if the spouse was abandoned by the other partner for more than a year, and so forth. The court will intervene as important to place an end to the marriage and the problems that go together with the divorce complaints. Contested divorce includes court hearings and can be an luxurious challenge.

There are also difference in each divorce that can be classified by how couples marriage and ethnicity are arranged.

Most of Foreigners end up marrying a Thai national after repeated visits to the country. Such marital unions may additionally last for many years and a few won’t for a number of reasons. Divorce is then necessary to put an end to such union. In most cases, if the wedding happened in Thailand, the Thai national will choose an uncontested divorce as this is the kind of divorce more favored by the Thais. The foreigner must know that this form of divorce may not be recognized in a few nations. it could create potential problems within the future specifically if the foreigner has plans of re-marrying.

If that is the case, then having a family lawyer in Thailand that has years of experience in managing divorce for each Thai and foreign nationals is the greatest option. this will aid in smooth transition of cases in which both parties will not suffer and be aggrieved. if you want help of family legal professional Thailand, you can contact this HWAL law firm.

It is important that foreigners are aware of the different ways divorce procedures are done in Thailand compared to their country of origin to avoid complications once they undergo the painful process of divorce.

If you need a Phuket Lawyer for cases like this or setting up business, handle property and real estate or even immigration cases, don’t hesitate to contact us at HWAL International Law Firm! We will be glad to review your case and provide solutions!

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