Legal Coaching Phuket

Legal Coaching

While one may argue that the legal field has relatively remained constant, the fact remains that change is inevitable in every field. This is especially the case wherever clients are involved. Phuket law firms are becoming aware of changing client needs. These changes require diversification in how certain legal services that have been traditionally offered – and which can now be improved to suite you, the client. Legal coaching is a perfect example of this.

Traditionally, a Phuket lawyer would choose to drop a client if they were not to provide full representation and drive the case their way. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find a lawyer or Phuket law firm willing to be partly involved in a case, with clients being guided on how to handle some of the matter if it’s not going to court.

Why Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching means that the lawyer is designated to a consultancy role as opposed to taking point. This limited legal assistance may be suitable for clients for several reasons. The first factor is financial capability, where not every client may be able to afford full representation even if it is necessary. Instead of not having any legal assistance, you, the client, may choose to only involve a Phuket lawyer in limited scope of the case, and for guidance only.

Another reason would be the desire for involvement. Currently, legal coaching is being applied to family law, whereby in cases such as divorce, the parties seek more involvement. Clients nowadays want involvement, and want to know what happens at every stage of the divorce proceedings. In this case, having a lawyer guiding the client from the background would be desirable.

When finding a legal coach, it is prudent to find a professional with a wealth of knowledge in a particular matter. This will ensure that even their guidance only would do you a wealth of good when it comes to self-representation.

What Legal Coaching Offers

Legal coaching offers full representation in the event that the case overwhelms the client. The advantage of this is the smooth transition because the lawyer was already partially involved. It also offers litigation advice and coaching, where the lawyer will help determine whether the client’s claim is viable and how to proceed with the claim, even formulating interview questions. A legal coach can also offer limited legal assistance in either preparing or reviewing legal documents that the client has prepared. Legal coaching can also help a client with mediation, whether before or after. If before, the legal coach can advise on rules and options, and if after, can offer advice on whether to accept or decline a proposed agreement.

Intellectual Property Law Phuket

Guide to Intellectual Property [IP]

Depending on the market or industry sector that you are operating in, Intellectual Property can actually be the most important and most valuable thing that the firm, or an individual owns. Now more than ever, IP ranks above physical assets. It comprises anything ranging from patents to just insider employee information. Think of it as company secrets like a secret recipe or ingredient, a formula or plans for a product yet to be launched to market. It is information which, in most cases, is intangible but proprietary. IP is a creation of the mind.

With the increased value placed on IP comes the increased risk of losing such important information. Cases of hacking, corporate espionage, and robbery are on the rise, with companies losing millions in terms of potential revenue. A good Phuket law firm will, therefore, always advice clients to take certain measures to protect any Intellectual Property in their possession. The best way to protect IP would, of course, to understand it first and have lawyers that do as well. It generally has four categories.

Trade Secrets

This can be anything that gives a business or company a competitive advantage over other players in the market. It can be a secret ingredient, a chemical formula or a device used for a particular process. The lawyer comes in when protecting trade secrets by drafting measures to keep the secret safe, like making all privy to the information sign an air-tight Non-Disclosure Agreement such that the personnel are required by law to keep the secret a secret, even if they were to leave the organization.


Copyright normally applies to creative material, in written form or as a form of art. This applies to music, videos, movies, and even publications and novels. If you’re the author of a book, a copyright ensures that no one can reproduce the contents of your novel in whichever means without your express permission and in doing so, open themselves up to legal action. Particulars may differ from one place to the next, but a good Phuket lawyer will always advice when getting the copyright and how to go about granting other parties a creative license to use your work.


This applies to manufactured and therefore tangible goods. It bars other parties from reproducing unique items that you have manufactured. A Phuket law firm with experience in international law is a huge advantage because patents can be filed internationally. This then means that to use your invention, other parties have to acquire licensing from you, which of course a lawyer will help facilitate.


Trademarks apply to branding, where symbols, sounds, names, and certain phrases associated with a platform or service or company belong to that company for a period of time, which can then be renewed. Trademarks are important as they influence brand perception and company reputation. Legal action can be taken on parties that infringe on a company’s brand or use trademarked names or symbols to tarnish a company’s reputation.

With IP comes the need for well-versed Phuket law firm that has lawyers to assist in every process geared towards protecting Intellectual Property. Talk to us today!

Due Diligence Phuket Lawyer

What is Legal Due Diligence – And why is it Necessary?

Buying a business is quite risky, especially if you don’t take precautionary measures. Why so? Let’s put this into perspective; when you buy a tangible asset such as a car or one of the beautiful pieces of real estate in Phuket, you can easily inspect the property (or hire a professional) to determine the value of what you’re buying. But when it comes to purchasing a business or similar complex asset, it’s exact value is not obvious. In business, there are many intangible items and possible hidden traps – what you see is not always what it seems.

This is where due diligence by a credible Phuket law firm comes into play. This informative article aims to guide buyers involved in business acquisitions or mergers on the importance of due diligence and how they stand to benefit from the legal process.

Legal Due Diligence Defined

Generally, due diligence refers to the activity, prudence, or level of judgment that a reasonable party is expected to perform under certain circumstances. But from the lens of corporate law, due diligence is the legal investigation carried on by a third party (such as a Phuket lawyer) on behalf of a client or a party intending to complete a business transaction such as a corporate merger or acquisition, and company obligations (potential lawsuits, contracts, warranties, debts, lease agreements etc.)

What is the Purpose of Due Diligence?

In a nutshell, the process of legal due diligence has three purposes that protect the buyer from potential legal risks as highlighted below:

  • To uncover material information that the seller may not have disclosed intentionally or unintentionally. This requires a qualified Phuket law firm that can perform a thorough scrutiny of a business activity/transaction, and provide extensive insight into all applicable legal matters.
  • To verify the legal accuracy and viability of the information provided. This allows the buyer to determine the actual status of the business and the consequences of an agreement.

What does the Buyer Stand to Gain?

By obtaining the services of a lawyer in Phuket, buyers stand to gain a lot from the business transaction (merger or acquisition). So, what’s in it for you as the client? Due diligence allows the buyer to obtain valuable information that may make or break the negotiations. Data on the target’s legal position helps you make informed decisions that guide your steps. What are the legal risks? Is the transaction a cost-effective transaction? These are all questions that are answered by the legal results from your Phuket law firm.


Due diligence is a critical and necessary step in business transactions. Your Phuket lawyer can help you verify the information provided by the seller and even uncover hidden information that is crucial to the deal. Are you planning on completing a business agreement in Phuket? Look for a lawyer with all the necessary tools and know-how of the documents needed and best practices.

Phuket Lawyer and Social Media

Social Media for Law Firms

Very few service industry establishments will ooze seriousness in the way that an established Phuket law firm can. The buzz and color that accompanies any social media platform can seldom be married to the dark suits that pour in and out of law firm offices. While the importance of social media for the business sector goes without saying, one may not readily mention Law as a sector that can be boosted by a strong social media presence. This might be attributed to concerns such as being taken seriously, both by other Phuket Law firms and by clients, whether potential and existing. While this holds true to a certain extent, it is only becoming less applicable in today’s space, with social media spurning entire departments dedicated to that and that alone.
The platforms themselves have evolved to this end, most having the ‘for business’ tagline to try and differentiate from the general use to a more niche clientele seeking use of the platforms in a more structured and professional manner, while still holding on to the ‘social‘ aspect of it all. Thus begs the question of whether a law firm should have a presence on social media. What are the gains, if any?

Well, first and foremost is visibility. Office signs and even billboards can only be seen by people in their vicinity. Social media propels a firm’s brand to people who would have otherwise never learned of its existence. A strategically placed professional image of a Phuket firm and the services offered on the internet might do way more in terms of bolstering firm visibility than a TV advertisement ever could, for a fraction of the budget. There is also word of mouth, only on steroids. If a Phuket firm has a Facebook page and an extremely happy client tells of the world class service and Phuket lawyers present the law firm, rest assured that the clientele will increase significantly, if not astronomically.

There is also firm personality, which is where a Phuket law firm will show a different side to them, inherently ‘humanizing’ the lawyers and making them more approachable, especially to firms that deal in Family law. Posts of Phuket lawyers doing some social activity, say, cleaning the neighborhood or visiting a hospital will instantly win you favor and earn the firm instant consideration from either organizations or individuals who are impressed with the showing of social responsibility.

Tying in to this is social interactions and allowing the firm or Phuket lawyers to provide some kind of commentary on social issues that are affecting the public, or just performing bits of social education by enlightening the firm’s followers of certain legal issues that they may not be aware of. Appreciation for this will be the individuals you have helped in one way or another coming to the firm for further clarification or even seeking legal services.

With that said, social platforms should not regurgitate the information that is already present on a firm’s website. It should offer a unique perspective while still remaining true to the core values and beliefs of the firm, while also providing an avenue for growth from a business standpoint. There are analytics which are always important, and the feedback from the public only helps in realizing weak areas of the Phuket firm and coming up with ways to improve and grow. Besides, who said lawyers can’t be social!

Happy Phuket Lawyer

Of Lawyers an Happiness

It is a common belief that lawyers and happiness do not go together. The fact is that just like any other notable profession, law has its own downsides. Working in a good Phuket Law Firm is any upcoming Phuket lawyer’s dream, but nothing comes without hard work. Very few off days, late nights and evenings, a poor social life and stress may become part of the job at a particular stage in your career. Anyone aspiring to be a lawyer in a big firm may look at that and start rethinking their career path, but would be wrong to do so. Law can be one of the most fulfilling and well-paying jobs in the world, provided your individual and work environments remain positive. A good Phuket law firm will put in place environments that keep the lawyers positive and happy. Human-friendly policies and part-time schedules have been introduced to promote the well-being of lawyers.

Corporate social responsibility, or just being a lawyer that is selfless is a great way to stay a happy lawyer. Giving back to the community is always a heart-warming affair, and should be taken up by more Phuket lawyers. As well as giving one a sense of purpose, it boosts the community’s opinions about the lawyer and the law firm, bringing more smiles in terms of more clients. Pro bono work around Phuket, at the end of the day, may be more fulfilling than a high profile case. Why? Because you helped someone who had no one else.

Scheduled work is a great promoter of lawyer happiness. While less hours worked would make anyone happy, scheduling work properly should make it feel like you’ve done more work within less time. Settling for a part-time structure will give you more time for your personal life, for example, to be with family, albeit for significantly less pay. That peace of mind, however, is more important a source of happiness than earning a lot of money.

The mind is a powerful thing and thus maintain a positive outlook on things provides wondrous results. One’s attitude, especially a lawyer in a big Phuket law firm, will dictate a lot of things, including what their bosses and clients view them, which can either be positive or extremely negative. If already feeling downcast, a change of mind may be difficult to resolve as that switch requires a series of small changes that cumulatively get you steps closer to complete happiness. As mentioned with the environment, what you have around you determines your positivism, and you may need to stay away from people who bring you down. This should also include asking for a team or department head to assign you to work with other more positive personnel.

In addition to all this, good client outcome as a Phuket lawyer or Phuket law firm is an immediate and direct source of happiness. Not losing cases is fun. So as long as you are good at your job, there is a lot of happiness to be found in the law profession!

Court building

Side Jobs for Lawyers

While it is an illustrious career, law may require some people to seek additional means of income, especially at the very start of the journey.

Before a Phuket lawyer builds a good name for themselves or joins a top Phuket law firm, they have to work hard, win cases and earn the trust and praise from their clients. All this is necessary to firmly cement themselves among the best, and earn a salary that goes with such a reputation. This may also be the case for public service lawyers who may, in some cases, not earn as much as those with private practices. Whatever the case, one may want to engage in some activities outside of court for various reasons, not only financial.

Practicing law makes one develop essential skills like public speaking, the art of persuasion, professional drafting of certain kinds of documents, whether legal or otherwise, and negotiation. All these skills can be applied to almost every other industry, meaning that lawyers have an edge if they decided to venture out into other fields, especially for supplementary income.


Consulting is a cross-industry venture. A good Phuket lawyer will be fully capable of doing consultancy for any field they feel comfortable in. This is because a consultant has to be very knowledgeable about their clients and whatever issue they’re facing in order to come for advice and assistance. This greatly correlates to law as a potential client will approach you with a scenario and expect that you will provide the best way forward for them using your expertise on the law. Phuket law firms may also offer consultancy as a service, but most likely in a legal or at most, a business capacity.


A good lawyer is highly knowledgeable about things both within and outside the law. This is because the law covers everything. A good Phuket lawyer is more than capable of going into the education sector and becoming, say, a Thai history teacher or a lecturer at a law school, giving part-time classes and using their experience to provide a wealth of knowledge to other upcoming lawyers. This may also translate into mentor-ship and maybe having young, bright lawyers joining your top Phuket law firm.


As a Phuket lawyer, going over contracts and business agreements is part of the trade. Examining these documents and other legal documents over time will give you experience that will greatly assist in making you always give the best business and financial advice to your clients. Representing businesses and financial institutions gives you great connections and earns you knowledge about finances, whether for your Phuket law firm, or other businesses.

Communications and Marketing

In general, lawyers are very articulate and good with words, whether spoken or written. Lawyers are therefore perfect for the communication industry because they know what to say, how and when to say it, in order to achieve a certain goal. They are skilled in research and sourcing for information, with the added skills of knowing how to read people and read a room, making them good for getting people to listen and pay attention

Both in and out of court, every single lawyer has the potential to thrive wherever they please!

Work force Phuket

Discrimination in the Workplace

As an employer in Phuket, cases of potential discrimination in your firm or company are always something to pre-consider and ensure that you have the proper measures in place to tackle such. Without proper management, such an unfortunate event may severely damage the reputation of a well-established company. As long as one has employees, it is important for you to communicate about discrimination and make the stand of your organisation known to the employees beforehand. The issue is a sensitive one which requires proper handling, such as consulting a Phuket lawyer, especially in the absence of a dedicated human resource department.

What is Discrimination?

By definition, discrimination refers to the unfair treatment because of who the individual is or on the basis of certain characteristics they possess. These characteristics include gender, age, religion, disability and race. Discrimination is unlawful, and if you have been discriminated against, please seek guidance from established Phuket lawyers and Phuket law firms well equipped to properly handle the situation and get justice for you.

In the Workplace

In the workplace, discrimination may be perpetrated in the form of reasons for hiring and lay-offs, awarding and denying promotions, job delegations, training and awarding of certain perks and benefits all based on a particular bias. For example, a man may be paid significantly more than a woman in a similar or higher position based solely on gender and not professional qualification.

Laws against discrimination do not just cover current employees, but also include those looking to join an organisation. As a business owner, it is next to impossible to completely prevent any case of discrimination from occurring. This is because while you may not be a discriminating individual, the same may not be the same for your colleagues or employees. To prevent this, there are certain steps an organisation may take to minimize the risk.

  1. Employee Sensitization and Training

The human resource personnel or department could organize training driving towards anti-discrimination. The training should cover a number of key points, including the various types of discrimination and the laws against them. This may be under the consultancy of a Phuket law firm. It should also include steps on how to handle discrimination in the unfortunate chance that it happens.

  1. Drafting Employee Handbook and HR Policy

As an employer, it is paramount to have both an employee handbook and a HR department policy in place. The employee handbook provides guidelines on employee behavior while at work while the HR policy provides an overview of how to handle situations involving employees. With these documents, you can lay out a clearly defined reporting system, disciplinary measures and any other steps to be taken. This could also be accompanied by complaint forms and the promise of anonymity for any cases reported. It is also important to work with good Phuket lawyers to draft proper policies with no loopholes that could have legal ramifications.

  1. Have a Good Phuket Lawyer or Law Firm working with You

Discrimination cases can prove complex and are potentially damaging. Having a proper Phuket law firm to advise on and handle discrimination disputes would be a good step to take. This would ensure that issues do not escalate and damage any individual or the company. Being prepared is always better than being caught off guard.

Do not allow yourself or your organisation to be caught out. With a good Phuket law firm in your corner, both you and your employees will have professional assistance when it comes to reporting and settling of work discrimination matters.

Coins on a table

Cases and Legal Fees

Law is both a practice and a business. Every Phuket lawyer and law firm is out to provide the best service to their clients and get paid in accordance with the service provided and the professionalism in which the task was executed. Different lawyers and Phuket law firms will differ, either slightly or significantly, in their fee notes. While the magnitude or complexity of a case may determine the charge, there are some cases which have a standard set of fees that are almost always incorporated. As a client, being aware of such is important beforehand and it helps you understand why Phuket lawyers will bill in certain manners for certain cases.

Criminal Cases

In criminal defense matters, Phuket firms will charge either hourly or a flat fee. This is determined by the lawyer after assessing the case. A good Phuket lawyer will be able to properly understand the scope of the case and determine the way forward after discussions with the client. Charging otherwise, such as on a contingent basis in uncommon and in some cases prohibited.

Family Law Cases

Family law cases involve matters such as divorce, child custody, and adoptions. Just like criminal cases, an hourly fee is normally charged for such. There are, however, cases that are straight-forward where complexities such as custody battles and child support are not present. In such a case, a Phuket lawyer may opt to charge a flat rate. Again, contingent fees are rare in such cases.

Debt Recovery Cases

In cases where another party is indebted to a client, the earlier mentioned contingent fee, or a success fee may be opted for. What this means that the lawyer will base his fee note on a certain percentage or amount determined by either whether he/she is successful in the recovery; and the sum recovered. On the flip side, if the client is being harassed or mistreated by a creditor, the lawyer may decide to charge a contingent fee should the client decide to sue. Hourly or flat rates are however still applicable.

Tort Cases

These are cases such as personal injury, medical malpractice and product liability. If a client is a victim of medical misconduct, which is common, the Phuket lawyer or law firm that takes up the case will most probably charge a contingent fee from the damages obtained. Hourly and success fees may still be charged, either solely or in addition to the initial fee. Rarely will a Phuket lawyer charge a flat rate in these types of cases.

Estate Planning and Probate

These are cases involving planning for the occurrence of a death or incapacitation, and the steps to be taken afterward. They involve drafting a will, or even management of estates as instructed. For the former, lawyers may charge a flat rate if it is simple, while the latter may invoke an hourly or percentage rate due to the increased complexity of the matter. The percentage may, for example, be based on the scope of the estate being managed.

Payment Periods

Depending on the agreement with the firm or lawyer, the fee may be payable at a certain point in time. Flat fees may be payable upfront either in part or whole. Hourly rates may be accumulated and be availed as a bill at the end of a stipulated amount of time, like a fortnight or month. Firms may require retainer fees, while others may offer payment plans. Every case is different. The most important thing is to first find a Phuket law firm or Phuket lawyer that will give you the best value for whatever fee note applies.

The Cost of a Phuket Lawyer

The Cost of a Good Phuket Lawyer

At some point in life, you will need a lawyer and a good one at that. If you are at that stage, then you are already in the right place. Over and above that, however, you may be wondering how much it will cost you to get law services from a respectable Phuket law firm. Even if it not the first time seeking legal services, the context is not always the same, or you may not have sought the same lawyer. In all matters, cost is a determinant as to what Phuket lawyer or law firm you choose to work with. So what is considered when determining legal costs?

Type and Reputation of Law Firm

To get the best, you have to pay for the best. It only makes sense that lawyers from some of the best Phuket law firms will charge more than the rest. Law firms with very high win rates almost come with an assurance that your legal matter will go as you want it to once they examine the case, and the confidence you obtain from that assurance will make whatever you pay worth it in the long run.

Lawyer Experience Levels

It is never advisable to get just any Phuket lawyer but to get one with a vast wealth of knowledge on the matter in which you need representation. While you may find a cheap lawyer, they may not have the required skills to tackle that particular matter, which ends up being a waste of time and resources, which in itself is an expensive outcome. More experienced lawyers will be in more demand and therefore charge more.

The Issue at Hand

Depending on the matter you wish to obtain legal service for, the lawyer fee may vary. More complex issues will cost the lawyer or Phuket law firm more time and resource to represent you accordingly. In addition, certain legal practice areas require specialized skills as opposed to more general matters. For example, International law and a common robbery will require different levels of expertise, with the former requiring a lawyer who specializes in the same. The type of case will also determine the billing structure used by the lawyer or the law firm. Complex matters will, therefore, have a higher billing.

Billing Method

Depending on the lawyer, firm or type of case, billing methods used to charge you for services may vary. The default billing method for most lawyers is an hourly charge that lasts the duration of the work being done. The above factors go into determining how much a Phuket lawyer will charge you hourly for his/her services. In some scenarios, lawyers choose to charge a flat rate for a straight forward matter like preparing a draft. In some scenarios where there are settlements paid out, lawyers take a percentage of the amount once the case is won.

While money is a sensitive issue, the old saying ‘cheap is expensive’ holds true even in law practice. However, we choose to put the client first, offering very affordable rates for our world class services. Talk to us today.

Phuket Law Firm

Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Practice does indeed make one perfect. A good law practice, more specifically a good practitioner of the law, abides by the same principle. Several other factors combine to bring about the makings of a good lawyer, and a Phuket lawyer is no exception. Any practice or Phuket law firm consisting of individuals with these characteristics ultimately becomes a great law firm. This mixture of traits and skills separate good lawyers from great lawyers.

Know the Law

Knowing the law is the bare minimum of becoming a lawyer. A good Phuket lawyer should know the law and know it well. This should incorporate both domestic and international laws, depending on the area of specialization. A good lawyer in Phuket should be familiar with Thai laws. Also important is the possession of technical skills like the drafting of contracts. Every lawyer in a Phuket law firm practicing corporate law should be able to draft a contract and get it stamped and notarized.

Develop both Oral and Written Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively and straight to the point is another trait of a great lawyer. To articulate or document a client’s position in a court of law requires that one be proficient, whether it is when questioning a witness, arguing the client’s case to a jury or avoiding any loopholes and problematic clauses in contracts and other legal documents drafted for a client. In a courtroom situation, oral skills involved in cross-examining witnesses should be mastered, while being able to select just the right words for a statement may be the deciding factor in a case.

Join the Bar Association

Being a member of the Thai Bar Association is a factor that sets a Phuket lawyer apart from the rest. Phuket law firms such as ours are privileged to be associated with the Bar courtesy of our very capable leader. The association keeps a database of member lawyers in Phuket, who have good records in client representation.

Find a Mentor

It is common knowledge that everybody starts from somewhere. Humble beginnings are often followed by paths to greatness, especially when under the wing of a Phuket lawyer with a wealth of experience in the field of interest. This willingness to learn under the guidance of veterans is a trait of a good lawyer.

Good Relationship with others in the Field

A good lawyer will have a good rapport with fellow lawyers, judges and court workers in Phuket by being kind and polite. A good lawyer will always be in good standings with the above professionals. Things tend to work out for the best for someone who is kind and polite he/she comes across.

Putting the Client Front and Center

A great lawyer will go out of their way to ensure that client satisfaction is achieved. This involves being honest and transparent with the client from the start and ensuring that you go out of your way to achieve the client’s wishes where possible. The client should be listened to, not judged and protected at all costs. Client privilege and confidentiality should be maintained at all times. At no point should a good lawyer engage in any activity that is to the detriment of his/her client.

A Home for Great Lawyers

Our Phuket law firm has lawyers meeting the above criteria, under the guidance of one of the Phuket lawyers. Our extensive experience has amassed a great wealth of knowledge in various specialization areas, suited to meet every client’s needs.