Drivers License Thailand

3 Reasons You Should Get a Thai Driving License

Planning to travel to Thailand – or settle in the ‘Land of Smiles’? If so, it’s highly advisable to obtain a valid Thai driving license to stay on the safe side of the law. As an experienced Phuket law firm, we understand that it’s easy for foreigners to feel overwhelmed or confused by the new traffic laws and regulations in Thailand. With this in mind, below are some of the reasons a Thai driving license might make your say seamless and enjoyable.

  1. Drive Legally

Are you a resident of Thailand? Are you visiting the country on a non-immigrant visa (retirement visa or marriage visa)? Or did you enter Thailand on a work permit/business visa? If you’re planning to stay in Thailand for a couple of months or more, getting a Thai driving license ensures you are fully legal to drive confidently in any region of the state. And keep in mind that an automobile license and a motorbike license are two distinct documents in Thailand.

Please note that the Thailand Traffic Department does not issue a driving license to foreigners with a Tourist Visa or those who entered the country on a Visa On Arrival (makes sense when your stay spans a few days or weeks). In this case, it’s prudent to carry around an International Driving Permit and a driver’s license from your home country.

  1. Applicable in Other ASEAN Countries

If you are a holder of a valid Thai driving license, you are legally allowed to drive in all 10 ASEAN countries. A translated/interpreted version of Section 42-2 of the Motor Vehicle Act B.E. 2522 indicates that “In case there’s a treaty between the Thai government and a foreign government regarding mutual acceptance of driver’s license, an alien who doesn’t have an immigrant visa may drive a motor vehicle with a driver’s license issued by such a foreign government, or an automobile association authorized by such a foreign government.”

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is basically an intergovernmental organization established in 1967 to promote regional stability and economic growth among its members. It currently consists of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

  1. Convenience

Simply put, getting a Thai driving license makes your stay easier and cheaper. Aside from helping you avoid legal repercussions, you also get to enjoy all the perks of a resident – i.e., the driving license is accepted as a form of ID. So if you’re planning to visit museums, national parks, and other places with discriminatory prices, you’ll pay the cheaper price awarded to locals.

Application is Relatively Easy

If you have a valid license from your home country, applying for a Thai driving license is relatively easy. All you have to do is visit a Land Transportation Office in any of the large cities with documents such as a medical certificate, passport, residences certificate or work permit, and your original valid driving license and/or international driving permit. You’ll want to arrive at the Land Transportation Office early in the morning because you might end up spending the better part of a day there depending on how things go. If you need to take the exams, there is also a very good chance you’ll be forced to spread them out over two days. The first Thai driver’s license is valid for two years, with next renewal of 5 years.

Final Remarks

It’s clear that having a valid Thai driving license has several perks including the legal factor and convenience. But remember that the law is subject to change. For example, a new regulation in the Land Traffic Act allows the police to punish traffic offenders without seizing their driving license thanks to the enforcement of an e-policing plan. Therefore, feel free to consult a Phuket lawyer for professional legal advice regarding the Motor Vehicle Act, fine imprints on the conditions of insurance, and any other applicable information.

Intellectual property

Thailand IP Law Facts

Intellectual property laws are very crucial for businessmen. if you are looking to create an organization within the kingdom of Thailand, then it pays to read about Thailand’s intellectual property laws and guidelines. It’s a very complicated topic, however, and may span several articles. For starters, however, allow us to provide some brief and fundamental facts about Thailand’s IP laws.

File for Protection as early as possible

this is true for trademarks. Thailand’s system gives extra importance to early submission of trademarks. this is to help avoid hijacking of marks particularly if you’ve already created that mark in your home country and is simply seeking to move to Thailand. before you even infuse capital into a local Thai unit of your company, make sure to have the following trademarks registered first so that you can benefit protection of the law.

IP protection is valid for a long time

Trademark protection in Thailand expires most effective after 10 years, which is a very long time indeed. You get to move approximately your company without having to fear about your trademark’s safety. when the protection does expire, you may renew it again for every other 10 years, so on and so forth. but, in order for the protection to stay legitimate, your company should actively use it to your merchandise or branding activities due to the fact a dormancy of a minimum of three consecutive years will result to untimely expiration.

There are Three classified Patents

There may be the usual patent that gives 20 years of protection to a totally innovative invention. second, Thai law additionally offers protection to designs with patents which can be valid for 10 years. ultimately, there’s the “petty patent” for minor innovations, and it offers 6 years of protection to the invention.

Thailand’s IP laws offer Exemptions for certain Patent matter

There are innovations and breakthroughs that cannot be patented in Thailand. these subject matters include animal and plant extracts, computer applications, and processes used in medication and commercial enterprise. those are intended to be shared freely to the general public because of the nature of their use.

Copyright protection is for a lifetime in Thailand

Much like the rest of the world, copyright protection is in place so long as the author of the work remains alive. within the occasion that the creator passes away, his or her property can still claim copyright protection over the copyrighted work for fifty extra years.

Thailand calls for Patent application for Holders of international Patents

Keeping an international patent does no longer automatically entail patent protection under Thai laws. One has to rather apply for individual patents in Thailand so that you can guard the subject matter covered by using the international patents. Holders can, but, avail of priority applications to expedite the procedure in the country.
this is for now. these are five brief information about how intellectual property laws and policies work in Thailand. hopefully, those 5 brief information have given you a basic idea of the way Thailand views intellectual belongings and what rights you may have as a author, inventor or designer.

If you need a Phuket Lawyer for cases like this or setting up business, handle property and real estate or even immigration cases, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to review your case and provide solutions!

Investing Phuket

Why Investing in Phuket is Good

Phuket Island is undeniably one of the world’s famous destination for travelers and expatriates alike who long for retirement or a quick vacation in Thailand. within the fourth area of 2012 on my own, the real estate market in Phuket Island had the sale of a total of 2,789 units to foreign buyers. it has been discovered to be gradually moving up for in years on years, making the island an addition to the list of prime alternatives for the overseas investor.

However what does is it that makes overseas investors come flocking over to this extraordinary island in Thailand? well, there are three reasons behind for it – the lovely beaches, the numerous activities you can enjoy while staying in Phuket, and the distinctly inexpensive price of living inside the island.

How costly is it staying in Phuket?

Common price range of living in Phuket is quite low cost, as we’ve noted in advance. A single meal in an cheaper restaurant for one individual costs less than of THB100 which costs only roughly$2. A person can fulfill his hunger on a budget not less than $10 for a day! Adding in fuel prices are also low here, with an average price of $1 a liter. Although transportation can be a bit of an expense, there are cheaper option wherein you can rent a motorbike or car instead of paying for one way trips.

A place for relaxation and fun activities.

Phuket is a traveler’s hub, first and foremost. it’s far best proper and even expected that there can be a number of activities for everyone who comes to the island. they are too numerous to be mentioned on this blog, so let’s just summarize the activities. there is a extensive variety of activities inside the island. you may cross on eco- tours and revel in nature on this side of the tropics. tourists can visit the beaches and interact in various water-based sports activities like sea kayaking, parasailing surfing and others, or you could take a cruise onboard a luxury yacht. Unique attractions in are also in Phuket such as the Baan Teelanka or the “upside down house.” or even you can go on a temple hopping tour around the island.

If you may not like doing some tours and island hopping, Phuket is where you could discover many white sand beaches! The island has an area of only 540-square kilometers, so residents and expats don’t need to drive very far to be able to enjoy sandy beaches and some sun. The weather inside the island is likewise favorable, with rains anticipated only at some point of may until October – those months mark the monsoon rain season for the island. In all different months, people can expect by and large sunny days which are perfect for heading over to the beach.

If you may want to live in Phuket, foreign expats are allowing themselves the chance to enjoy all that the island has to offer since it just outside their doorstep. Contact our business lawyer now and find out what it takes to invest on a property and business in Phuket Island. that is possibly the best investment any expat can make within the country of Thailand.

If you need a Phuket Lawyer for cases like this or setting up business, handle property and real estate or even immigration cases, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to review your case and provide solutions!

Lawyers Phuket

Finding English Speaking Lawyers in Phuket

Thailand is one country in Asia that is bent in selling the country to attract foreign investment. while keeping their nationalistic stance, the government of Thailand has promulgated a few legislative acts advancing the interests of overseas investors thru the provision of tax incentives / relief for overseas corporations running in Thailand and satisfying the prescribed requirements. The legal framework of the laws protecting such provisions is, of course, handled for the Phuket-primarily based foreign investors by using English-speaking Phuket legal professionals.

The country is a completely popular tourism destination for lots individuals and Europeans. And tourism arrival statistics have it that a variety of them return to Thailand for a second, third visit and so forth. they have grown to like Thailand so much that so as to live longer, or permanently, if viable, they bring in an awesome quantity of investment to begin a business in Phuket, Bangkok, or inside the other areas inside the country. at the same time as putting in a business in Thailand is quite straightforward, the need to visit attorneys in Phuket will show beneficial while seeking ways to avail of the incentives provided through the government to foreign companies making use of through the Board of investment or BOI. And because the foreign investor has to recognize the laws and its scope, a Phuket law firm with English-talking Thai attorneys will provide the communication channel to translate provisions of the Thai legal guidelines in the language understood by using the foreign investor, which is English.

English-speaking lawyers may also be capable of help overseas businessmen as they deal with foreign employees’ visa and work permit requirements, rent of properties for the business and for personal accommodations, discussing joint venture terms and conditions with neighborhood Thai partners, and many more. The needs surface as the business progresses.

Overseas traders or businessmen can even need someone to represent them when dealing with government corporations just like the BOI, Land office, etc. And the best party to do this is the Phuket law firm engaged by the foreign organization. most of the communications and correspondences with the government agencies are written in Thai language. There also are documents required by way of the Thai government to be submitted to certain government departments in local Thai language as well. without English-speaking legal professionals in Phuket to assist the foreign businessmen to understand the communication or correspondence, it will be hard to perform the enterprise.

Additionaly, the English-speaking lawyers might be able to offer the foreign traders sound commercial enterprise recommendation, which follow the provisions of Thai legal guidelines as they have a higher grasp of what the laws encompass. And in an unfortunate situation where the foreign businessman has to face litigation because of disputes on partnership or shareholder settlement, being in a Thai courtroom is unnerving. With a capable litigation attorney who can accurately provide an explanation for the lawsuits to the foreigner, the scenario will become much less scary. The maximum frightening part isn’t understanding what goes on the whole time. Having legal professionals who are not simply competent but who can cross beyond the language barrier can be the subsequent high-quality choice a foreigner can make at the same time as in Phuket, Thailand.

Legal advice

6 tips to avoid expensive legal advice

If you need legal advice for your business or personal matters, hiring quality and professional lawyers may cost you lot of money. But, it is always advisable to opt for quality legal services. here are some tips that will help you to avoid high cost of legal advice. If you belong to the low-income group, you can make use of large network of legal aid programs that operates on federal agents. You can use these programs and get free legal advice for your problem.

We can also help you with lawsuits against negligent parties for different issues such as inadequate security, wrong hiring practices and also lawsuits against schools, companies, nursing homes, employers, hotels, apartment complexes, say care centres and more. You can get quotation from several lawyers and choose the one that best fits your budget. But ensure that you choose a competent lawyer by interviewing them before hiring. Remember that an efficient lawyer can make a big difference to your case, so it is important that you spend some time in finding the best lawyer to seek advice from for your legal matters.

We can also help you with lawsuits against negligent parties for different issues such as inadequate security, wrong hiring practices and also lawsuits against schools, companies, nursing homes, employers, hotels, apartment complexes, say care centres and more.

Many online self-help legal websites provide free legal advice to people. You can submit your questions online on these websites and then they are answered by lawyers or paralegals.