Phuket Lawyer and Social Media

Social Media for Law Firms

Very few service industry establishments will ooze seriousness in the way that an established Phuket law firm can. The buzz and color that accompanies any social media platform can seldom be married to the dark suits that pour in and out of law firm offices. While the importance of social media for the business sector goes without saying, one may not readily mention Law as a sector that can be boosted by a strong social media presence. This might be attributed to concerns such as being taken seriously, both by other Phuket Law firms and by clients, whether potential and existing. While this holds true to a certain extent, it is only becoming less applicable in today’s space, with social media spurning entire departments dedicated to that and that alone.
The platforms themselves have evolved to this end, most having the ‘for business’ tagline to try and differentiate from the general use to a more niche clientele seeking use of the platforms in a more structured and professional manner, while still holding on to the ‘social‘ aspect of it all. Thus begs the question of whether a law firm should have a presence on social media. What are the gains, if any?

Well, first and foremost is visibility. Office signs and even billboards can only be seen by people in their vicinity. Social media propels a firm’s brand to people who would have otherwise never learned of its existence. A strategically placed professional image of a Phuket firm and the services offered on the internet might do way more in terms of bolstering firm visibility than a TV advertisement ever could, for a fraction of the budget. There is also word of mouth, only on steroids. If a Phuket firm has a Facebook page and an extremely happy client tells of the world class service and Phuket lawyers present the law firm, rest assured that the clientele will increase significantly, if not astronomically.

There is also firm personality, which is where a Phuket law firm will show a different side to them, inherently ‘humanizing’ the lawyers and making them more approachable, especially to firms that deal in Family law. Posts of Phuket lawyers doing some social activity, say, cleaning the neighborhood or visiting a hospital will instantly win you favor and earn the firm instant consideration from either organizations or individuals who are impressed with the showing of social responsibility.

Tying in to this is social interactions and allowing the firm or Phuket lawyers to provide some kind of commentary on social issues that are affecting the public, or just performing bits of social education by enlightening the firm’s followers of certain legal issues that they may not be aware of. Appreciation for this will be the individuals you have helped in one way or another coming to the firm for further clarification or even seeking legal services.

With that said, social platforms should not regurgitate the information that is already present on a firm’s website. It should offer a unique perspective while still remaining true to the core values and beliefs of the firm, while also providing an avenue for growth from a business standpoint. There are analytics which are always important, and the feedback from the public only helps in realizing weak areas of the Phuket firm and coming up with ways to improve and grow. Besides, who said lawyers can’t be social!