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Procedures to Obtain Work Permit in Thailand

Withouta workpermit, foreigners are not allowed to workeven ifthey have gotdifferenttypes of visa. the following proceduresneed to be followed in applying for a Thai workpermit or visa:

The foreignworkershouldacquire a nonimmigrant visa or a resident visa beforeentering Thailand. this is required to be able toapply for a workpermit. With a non-immigrant B visa, the overseasworkermaybegin toprocess the workpermit. workpermitapplication processing is carried outat theoffice of the Ministry of labor. the standard processing takes 7 business days, once in a whilemore. The overseasworkerapplying for a workpermitneed to have an availableorganization who will provide the files required for processing. The foreignemployeeneed toalso have aposition or a job that is not prohibited to foreigners.

If the processapplied for calls for a license undera particularregulation (e.g. instructor, physician, press card from the publicrelationsdepartment, etc.), similarly to the Alien occupationlaw, a photocopy of such license will beattached.
If the applicant is married to a Thai national, the authentic and photocopies of marriage certificates, spouse’s identification card, birthcertificate of kids, household registration, in addition to photocopy of everypage of the applicant’s passport should be provided.

Workpermit, as soon asapproved and granted should be carried by the foreignemployeeall of the time particularlyat theplace of work for presentation within theoccasion of random immigration checks. The foreigner is only allowed to carry out the jobstatedinside theworkpermit and with the specificorganisation.

The foreignworkerdesires to pick up his blue workpermitbookpersonallyon the Ministry of laboroffice. workpermit can be issued with validity starting from90 days, 6 month or 12 months and this isat the discretion of the labor officer. it is alsopossible to have a visa (non-immigrant or resident) that expires on a completelydifferent date to the workallow due tothe new immigration regulations.

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Files needed for a Work Permit Application:

Company Requirements

  • Employment agreement
  • Letter of employment stating position and salary of applicant
  • Office map
  • Photocopy of the director’s passport and work permit with signature affixed
  • Financial statement
  • Withholding tax of the company
  • Application for VAT
  • List of shareholders
  • Company certificates and objectives
  • The employer should provide the following:
  • Application form (W.P.2)
  • Three 5×6 cm. full-faced, bareheaded, black and white or color photographs, taken no more than six months prior to the filing of the application
  • A recent medical certificate from a first-class licensed physician in Thailand stating that the applicant is not of unsound mind and not suffering from contagious or infectious diseases, narcotic addiction or habitual alcoholism
  • Original passport
  • Letter of Employment
  • Certificate of Degree and CV or Resume showing application’s educational qualifications and describing in detail the applicant’s past position, duties, performance, and place and length of employment

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