Property value

Measuring Real Value of Properties in Phuket

Owning a property, a parcel of land, a condo unit or a residential house requires a complicated web of registration with the Land office, which can be part of the legal services Phuket law firms offer. All ownerships may be legally transferred through a written registration at the local Land office. along with such registration are fees and taxes which are needed to be paid upon registration of the property which is the challenge of change of ownership. fees and taxes include transfer fee, income tax payable as withholding tax, stamp duty or precise business tax or local development tax.The registration process as handled through real estate lawyers in Phuket, calls for that the transfer fee and the seller’s income withholding tax are to be deducted and paid to the authorities upon transfer. those charges and taxes are calculated primarily based on the Land workplace’s valuation of the property.

On the other hand, the stamp duty or specific business tax or local development tax will also be deducted and paid to the authorities upon transfer. each stamp duty and tax are calculated based totally at the official value of the property or the actual transaction cost of the property, whichever is higher.

Consequently, due to the fact the Land office’s appraised cost of the property is one of the key factors used for the calculation of the fee and taxes applicable to and payable upon the registration of possession of immovable assets, you may want to know greater approximately this official value.

For this purpose the official value – an assessed or appraised cost for an immovable property is periodically generated by way of the Valuation Committee pursuant to section 105 of the Land Code or LC. And for the reason that official value turns into the basis for the calculation of the various fees and taxes paid to the authorities upon transfer of ownership of the property, it is crucial to understand how the property’s official value is measured or generated.

Phuket lawyers will need to explain to their clients that pursuant to chapter 2 of the Valuation Committee’s rules for determining the standards and procedures for Valuating Immovable properties for the purposes of Levying fees for the Registration of Rights and Juristic Acts (1992) (and as amended in 1998) issued under the Land Code, the criteria taken into account by using the Valuation Committee in determining the reliable cost of an immovable property are:

  1. Construction Material Costs
  2. Salaries and wages of the construction workers involved within the production of the property
  3. Local Construction Administration Fees
  4. Building Type Purpose.

Official fee for non-condo buildings in each province in Thailand varies. as soon as the professional Values in any particular region or province are announced, they may be applicable to all such buildings no matter the property’s location. The appraised price per square meter of a property in Karon could be the same even for the most undeveloped part of Phuket. In general, the appraised value ought to be re-evaluated every other 4 years.