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Discrimination in the Workplace

As an employer in Phuket, cases of potential discrimination in your firm or company are always something to pre-consider and ensure that you have the proper measures in place to tackle such. Without proper management, such an unfortunate event may severely damage the reputation of a well-established company. As long as one has employees, it is important for you to communicate about discrimination and make the stand of your organisation known to the employees beforehand. The issue is a sensitive one which requires proper handling, such as consulting a Phuket lawyer, especially in the absence of a dedicated human resource department.

What is Discrimination?

By definition, discrimination refers to the unfair treatment because of who the individual is or on the basis of certain characteristics they possess. These characteristics include gender, age, religion, disability and race. Discrimination is unlawful, and if you have been discriminated against, please seek guidance from established Phuket lawyers and Phuket law firms well equipped to properly handle the situation and get justice for you.

In the Workplace

In the workplace, discrimination may be perpetrated in the form of reasons for hiring and lay-offs, awarding and denying promotions, job delegations, training and awarding of certain perks and benefits all based on a particular bias. For example, a man may be paid significantly more than a woman in a similar or higher position based solely on gender and not professional qualification.

Laws against discrimination do not just cover current employees, but also include those looking to join an organisation. As a business owner, it is next to impossible to completely prevent any case of discrimination from occurring. This is because while you may not be a discriminating individual, the same may not be the same for your colleagues or employees. To prevent this, there are certain steps an organisation may take to minimize the risk.

  1. Employee Sensitization and Training

The human resource personnel or department could organize training driving towards anti-discrimination. The training should cover a number of key points, including the various types of discrimination and the laws against them. This may be under the consultancy of a Phuket law firm. It should also include steps on how to handle discrimination in the unfortunate chance that it happens.

  1. Drafting Employee Handbook and HR Policy

As an employer, it is paramount to have both an employee handbook and a HR department policy in place. The employee handbook provides guidelines on employee behavior while at work while the HR policy provides an overview of how to handle situations involving employees. With these documents, you can lay out a clearly defined reporting system, disciplinary measures and any other steps to be taken. This could also be accompanied by complaint forms and the promise of anonymity for any cases reported. It is also important to work with good Phuket lawyers to draft proper policies with no loopholes that could have legal ramifications.

  1. Have a Good Phuket Lawyer or Law Firm working with You

Discrimination cases can prove complex and are potentially damaging. Having a proper Phuket law firm to advise on and handle discrimination disputes would be a good step to take. This would ensure that issues do not escalate and damage any individual or the company. Being prepared is always better than being caught off guard.

Do not allow yourself or your organisation to be caught out. With a good Phuket law firm in your corner, both you and your employees will have professional assistance when it comes to reporting and settling of work discrimination matters.